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Looking for a teeth cleaning in Chelsea NYC? We offer comprehensive cleanings, exams and x-rays.

If you are looking for a teeth cleaning/dental cleaning in Chelsea then we can help. Let’s get you on a routine or back on track to prevent gingivitis, tooth decay and other dental treatments through routine cleanings & exams. At Shine, we’re not just about fixing problems that may arise with your teeth and mouth. Dr. Elena Johnston and her team want to set you up for success with routine cleanings that can help you avoid dental problems and keep you smiling.

How can preventive oral care help my smile?

Preventative oral care is a group effort. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day are key personal habits for maintaining the health of your teeth, gums, and even jaw bones. Routine exams and cleanings at the dentist office are another important element to preventing tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, bone loss and, ultimately, tooth loss.

Having your teeth cleaned by Shine’s dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar (or calculus) that has built up on and in between your teeth — and even below your gum line. This gets rid of harmful oral bacteria that can damage your oral health.



What can I expect during a preventive visit?

During your first visit at Shine, your dental team will assess your smile thoroughly, taking photos of every tooth, as well as x-rays and routine cancer screenings. Dr. Johnston will use this information to create your comprehensive dental health plan to address any ongoing issues and ensure you have a healthy smile for years to come. Her goal is for every patient to walk away educated on their treatment plan and the options available, and she is prepared to guide you through every step.

During your teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist will use special instruments to remove plaque and tartar and polish your teeth. They will also use a gentle probe to measure the health of your gums and offer recommendations for preventing gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Dr. Johnston may recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth, too.

Regular visits to your dentist play a vital role in maintaining optimal oral health. At Shine Dentistry, we specialize in dental cleanings and comprehensive dental care, striving to make the process as convenient as possible for all our patients. 

Our dentist Dr. Elena Johnston and oral hygienists collaborate to provide outstanding treatment from the moment you schedule your appointment until you leave our office with a fresh and polished feeling. 

So what can you expect from a teeth cleaning at our office at Shine Dentistry. Well firstly let’s explain the process and tell you what important factors that Dr. Johnston will look for that will point to the overall condition of your oral health. 

Dental Examinations: 

During your dental exam, Dr. Johnston will thoroughly inspect your teeth for potential issues. Early detection is the key to preventing any major problems in the future. Our team works together to deliver exceptional treatment, ensuring you leave with a clean and polished smile. 


To assess decay and bone loss beneath the gums, Dr. Johnston will utilize digital dental X-rays, offering a more comfortable experience compared to traditional methods. The main benefit of digital X-rays is that they provide quick results and high-quality images that enable the dentist to obtain a better visualization for your overall dental health. 

Tooth Decay: 

Dr. Johnston will meticulously examine each tooth for signs of wear and decay. Early identification can prevent costly and stressful tooth loss. In some cases, a photograph may be taken to illustrate the condition of your teeth, providing a clearer understanding of any issues. 

Gum Disease:

The search for gum disease is an extremely important part of the dental examination and is probably the most important part. Dental caries and decay we can fix easily in the short term but gingivitis and its advanced version periodontitis are dental conditions that can not only affect your teeth but have been linked to systemic health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Recently dentists have also discovered that periodontal disease is a precursor for Alzheimer’s disease. Periodontitis is the chronic inflammation of the tissue surrounding the teeth which is due to complex bacterial interaction, resulting in the breakdown and loss of supporting structures around the teeth. It is important that you retain your teeth into old age as loss of teeth can affect your ability to chew, maintain nutritional support and keep your facial structure. 

Dr. Johnston will assess the health of your gums and, if signs of periodontal disease are present, collaborate on a treatment plan, possibly with a periodontist that she recommends. Visual inspection helps identify symptoms such as plaque buildup, gum bleeding, and inflammation, complemented by a comprehensive diagnostic process. 

Restoration Checkup: 

Dr. Johnston will perform check-ups on fillings, implants, or bridges to ensure their continued effectiveness, potentially extending their lifespan. 

Oral Cancer Screening: 

Early detection is crucial for conditions like oral cancer. Dr. Johnston’s thorough examination aims to identify any potential issues and prioritize your well-being. 

Dental Cleanings: 

Following your examination, our expert dental hygienists perform a multi-step cleaning to maintain oral health and leave you with a fresh-from-the-dentist feel. Regular six-month checkups are essential for overall dental well-being, preventing cavities and tooth loss. 

Your Cleaning Includes: 

Plaque Removal:

Using specialized equipment, we target and analyze areas infected with plaque, a bacterial buildup leading to decay and gum disease. 

Tartar Removal: 

Hardened plaque above and below the gumline is professionally removed to maintain oral health. 


After removing plaque and tartar, your teeth are polished using professional tools, leaving them clean and shining. 

Oral health is a joint responsibility between you and Dr. Johnston. Dr. Johnston undertakes the responsibility to advise and point you in the correct direction for maintaining your oral health. Your role as a patient is to take this advice to heart and be diligent in your oral hygiene regime. That means attending 6 monthly dental cleanings and following her advice as to how to retain your teeth and look after them. At Shine Dentistry we stand out with our dedication to patient care. 

If you are looking for a teeth cleaning in Chelsea and to schedule an appointment at Shine Dentistry for a teeth cleaning then reach out to us at (212) 242-5344 or click the appointment button to make an online appointment. 

We look forward to treating you as a patient and we look to return every patient to optimal dental health.

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