Brianna’s Invisalign Journey


Creating Your Ideal Smile Is Easy With Invisalign

When Brianna decided to seek Invisalign treatment with Dr. Elena, a cosmetic and general dentist in NYC, she had no idea how easy and painless the whole experience would be.

Brianna lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and works in Manhattan — not far from Shine’s Chelsea office location. She plays the violin (and has since she was a toddler!). And when she’s not practicing her music, she’s planning her upcoming wedding. Brianna is busy.

She is also naturally smiley — she is happy to share her joy with those around her. But over time, Brianna became aware that her teeth weren’t looking quite the way she wanted them to.

Brianna had braces and a palate expander as a child, but in the years since they were removed, her teeth shifted, revealing a space between her two front teeth. Her bottom teeth also began to move outward, which caused her gum line to recede and the area to become sensitive.

“I just wanted to get everything more aligned,” she says. “One of the main reasons is that I’m getting married next year, and so I wanted my smile to be pristine for all the photos and videos.”

Invisalign fits right into everyday life

Brianna worked with Dr. Elena to map out an effective treatment plan that would result in Brianna’s ideal smile — without disrupting her already active life.

One month into her five-month treatment, she says it’s been easier than she ever expected. Wearing and caring for her clear aligners has a minimal impact on her day-to-day routines.

“I think it’s pretty neat that when I tell people I have Invisalign, they’re surprised because they can’t see it,” she says. “It’s very unobtrusive.”

Brianna removes her aligner trays before eating, and she brushes and flosses after every meal before she puts the trays back in — a habit she imagines has had a positive effect on her overall oral health.

“I think my teeth are in the best shape they’ve been in because I’m brushing them so often,” she says.

She has already noticed an improvement in the alignment of her teeth, and she has been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable her trays have been.

“I’m pretty amazed by how fast the process works without there being much pain,” Brianna says.

Shine’s professional team makes the experience easy

Brianna’s experience at Shine Dentistry has been equally as effortless. Thanks to the warm and approachable staff, she says she feels well taken care of by everyone in the office.

“With Invisalign, I felt a little apprehensive just because I didn’t really know what to expect,” she says. “But everything was explained really clearly. I was given a ton of information, a cute bag for my Invisalign case — everything I needed.”

She also appreciates the level of communication she receives from the office staff and how easy it is to schedule appointments.

“I feel like I’m in very good hands at Dr. Elena’s office,” she says.

Dr. Elena Johnston provides personalized care

When Dr. Elena was a kid, orthodontist ranked high on her “what I want to be when I grow up’ list. Her professional training has included experience with
traditional orthodontia, too — so she loves helping her patients achieve their best smiles using the Invisalign clear aligner system.

Clear aligners are a great choice for adults and teens because they are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. You don’t have to change what you eat or drink, and there are fewer incidents that require an emergency visit to the dentist’s office.

One of the things Dr. Elena likes most is working with patients to understand what the “ideal” smile might look like. Not every end result has to be perfectly straight and brilliant white, and Brianna’s case is a great example.

Brianna wants to maintain a small space between her two front teeth — something she feels is a part of her identity. Brianna’s treatment will tighten the space slightly and bring the rest of her teeth into alignment, but she’ll be able to keep this part of her smile that she loves.

Using technology like the iTero 3D scanner, Dr. Elena can create a treatment plan and measure progress according to each patient’s individual needs.

Taking the leap toward a smile you can be proud of

Brianna is looking forward to the end result of her Invisialign treatment, when she anticipates feeling even more confident knowing that her teeth look the best they possibly can.

But for Brianna, the benefits go beyond the change in her appearance — she also feels a sense of pride that she made the decision to do something meaningful for herself. She has even noticed feeling a connection with other people who have made the same choice.

“Now when I see other people with Invisalign, it’s almost like an unspoken bond,” she says. “It feels special because I know I’m improving myself, and I really like everything about the process.”

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