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Stop hiding your teeth and feel confident with a big beautiful smile that makes others jealous.

Why Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers go beyond mere aesthetics, offering a multitude of reasons to choose them for your smile makeover. These thin, wafer-like shells made from high-quality ceramic material are expertly crafted to enhance your smile, effortlessly enhancing the alignment, color, and shape of your natural teeth. Custom-designed with meticulous craftsmanship, they create a flawless appearance that reflects your unique personality. With their remarkable ability to provide an instant boost to your self-esteem and long-lasting durability, porcelain veneers ensure your newfound confidence remains intact for years to come.

What is the process for getting porcelain veneers?

Embark on your smile transformation journey with a consultation led by Dr. Johnston, where you’ll discuss your desired changes and determine the suitability of porcelain veneers for your unique case. Comprehensive facial and dental photographs, exceeding 20 in number, will be taken to evaluate every detail crucial for creating natural-looking veneers.

Following the design phase, temporary veneers will be applied during your next visit. These serve as a trial run, allowing you to showcase them to loved ones, engage in daily activities, and experience the essence of your new smile. On your subsequent visit, you’ll share any feedback, enabling the lab to make necessary adjustments to the shape, size, or color before fabricating the permanent veneers.

Once the final veneers are ready, your teeth will undergo thorough cleaning, polishing, and gentle etching to prepare for the permanent bonding process. Applying a dental cement and utilizing ultraviolet light, your dentistry team will ensure a strong bond, guaranteeing your new smile radiates its brilliance for years to come. Although the entire process, from consultation to the completion of your dream smile, typically spans a few weeks, the exceptional results you achieve will make every moment worthwhile.

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