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It may happen that you, Dr. Johnston and her periodontist Dr. Ursomanno may determine
that a tooth extraction is necessary for various reasons. Some teeth may be extracted
due to severe decay, advanced periodontal disease, or irreparable breakage. Others may
require removal because of poor positioning in the mouth, such as impacted teeth, or in
preparation for orthodontic treatment.

The removal of a single tooth can lead to issues with chewing ability, jaw joint problems,
and teeth shifting, impacting overall dental health significantly.

To mitigate these complications, Dr. Ursomanno will typically explore alternatives to
extractions and discuss options for replacing the extracted tooth.

Extraction Procedure
During extraction, the periodontist will numb the tooth, jaw bone, and surrounding gums
with a local anesthetic. While you may feel pressure during the process, this should not
be painful due to the numbing effect of the anesthetic. If you experience any pain,
please inform us immediately.

In cases where a tooth is firmly anchored or has a curved root, sectioning may be
necessary. This involves cutting the tooth into sections for easier removal.

After Extraction
Following extraction, it’s crucial for a blood clot to form to facilitate healing. Bite on a
gauze pad to stop bleeding, and avoid disturbing the clot by refraining from vigorous
rinsing, using straws, smoking, or drinking alcohol for 72 hours. It is important to limit
strenuous exercise to prevent increased bleeding.

You may experience pain and swelling after extraction, which can be alleviated with ice
packs and prescribed pain medications. Continue to take prescribed antibiotics if
provided, and maintain a soft food diet and proper oral hygiene.

You can resume your regular dental routine after 24 hours and contact our office if you
experience persistent bleeding, severe pain, prolonged swelling or adverse reactions to

Nervous about tooth extraction
Feeling uneasy about a tooth extraction? At Shine Dentistry, our team ensures your comfort and
confidence throughout the procedure. We are dedicated to delivering a seamless tooth and
painless tooth extraction at our office with minimal stress for the patients. Dr Ursomanno has a
lot of experience in tooth removal.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?
Sometimes, a tooth’s condition will give the dentist and periodontist cause for concern and will
warrant extraction. Other times the tooth will be beyond repair, damaged or causing the patient
pain. The common reasons can include severe decay or damage, overcrowding, or untreatable
infections. If you’re experiencing these issues, you can schedule an appointment with us for a
thorough assessment with Dr. Johnston.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction
While it may seem daunting, tooth extraction offers several advantages:
● Prevents further decay: Removing severely decayed teeth halts the spread of decay and
infections, safeguarding oral health.
● Enhances your smile: Tooth removal can correct overcrowding, allowing remaining teeth
to align properly for a better-looking smile.
● Provides relief: Extracting unhealthy teeth alleviates discomfort and pain, restoring
comfort to your smile.

If you are looking to get a tooth extracted at Shine Dentistry there procedure ia performed by Dr. Ursomanno. If you need an appointent or a consultation call us at  212-242-5344 and ask for Kelly.

She will schedule you for a consultation. We look forward to treating you as a patient.



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