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Are you looking for a teeth cleaning/dental cleaning in the Flatiron area? At Shine Dentistry we reccomend regular teeth cleanings. According to the ADA it is important to have a dental cleaning every 6 months. At Shine Dentistry, we encourage open communication about your health concerns to ensure appropriate measures are taken.

The initial step toward a healthy mouth begins with a comprehensive routine cleaning. Our dentist in Chelsea, Elena Johnston, DMD is dedcicated to providing the highest standards of dental healthcare. At Shine Dentistry we meticulously remove plaque and tartar buildup both above and below the gum line, followed by thorough flossing to eliminate any lingering plaque or food particles.

Utilizing a tooth polisher equipped with a spinning head and gentle abrasive paste, we provide your teeth with a smooth, shiny finish, effectively removing any residual buildup and reducing the likelihood of plaque accumulation between visits.

At Shine Dentistry, we prioritize regular dental cleanings every six months as part of comprehensive dental plans. Professional cleanings are fundamental in preventing plaque buildup, promoting long-term oral health, and minimizing the risk of associated diseases.


Our hygienists utilize specialized tools to remove tartar from your teeth, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning process. We advocate regular cleanings for two primary reasons: to prevent systemic diseases such as heart disease, dementia, and diabetes complications, and to mitigate the risk of tooth loss.

Given the constant exposure of the mouth to food and speech, it’s imperative to maintain its unique health. Professional cleanings effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup, minimizing the risk of gum disease, enamel erosion, tooth decay, and gingivitis.

The extent of plaque and tartar accumulation determines the cleaning required, with deeper cleanings necessary for significant buildup that may lead to bone loss and gum inflammation.

Performed by dental hygienists, cleanings begin with a comprehensive examination of your mouth to identify potential issues. With the use of specialized instruments, we meticulously remove tartar and plaque, followed by polishing and professional flossing. Fluoride treatment may be administered to enhance cavity prevention until your next cleaning.

Regular dental cleanings are crucial, even with diligent oral care practices at home. These appointments provide unparalleled protection against dental issues and are vital for maintaining optimal oral health.

For additional guidance and personalized scheduling, please contact us at Shine Dentistry. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your oral and overall health through professional dental care.


What constitutes a dental cleaning?

The teeth cleaning procedure at Shine Denistry commences with a visual examination to evaluate the condition of your gums and teeth. X-rays may also be included, particularly if they haven’t been performed recently, to detect any issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Following the x-rays, the cleaning process initiates. Using specialized instruments, your hygienist meticulously removes areas of tartar and plaque from your teeth. Depending on the extent of tartar buildup, this phase of the cleaning process may require some time.

Once the plaque and tartar are effectively removed, the dentist or hygienist employs a high-powered brush and specialized toothpaste to provide a comprehensive polishing, followed by professional flossing. Additionally, you may receive a fluoride treatment to aid in cavity prevention and tooth decay until your subsequent cleaning appointment.

Is professional teeth cleaning necessary?

Absolutely. Even if you diligently brush and floss after every meal and before bedtime, plaque, housing bacteria, can accumulate in the smallest crevices, grooves, and pits of your teeth. Over time, decay may occur in these areas, potentially leading to pain and eventual tooth loss.

A less common yet noteworthy benefit is that regular dental cleanings might reduce your risk of pneumonia by diminishing the number of bacteria reaching your lungs. Furthermore, conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease, and diabetes have been linked to oral health, highlighting the importance of professional teeth cleaning for overall health and wellness.

How frequently should teeth be cleaned?

For optimal health, most individuals should undergo teeth cleaning every six months. However, if you have conditions necessitating more frequent dental cleanings, such as a history of gum disease or tooth decay, you may benefit from more frequent appointments.

Ultimately, it’s advisable to consult with a team member at Shine Dentistry to devise a schedule tailored to your individual needs.

What post-visit guidelines should I adhere to?

Between dental cleanings and consultations at Shine Dentistry, maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home is essential. This entails daily flossing, rinsing, and brushing after meals. Additionally, using fluoridated water and toothpaste is crucial.

To stay proactive about your dental health, schedule a teeth cleaning online or contact our office for a teeth cleaning or deep cleaning at 212-242-5344 – if you have insurance questions, our office manager will be able to answer these also.



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